Our health-conscious CEO knows firsthand how important your well being is, which compelled us to develop a company designed to educate, encourage, and help you work toward a healthier and happier lifestyle.

SYNE30 is a unique company teaching you how to “Strengthen Your Newfound Energy in 30 Days!” We offer online personal training services allowing you to workout when and where you want.

Services include (but not limited to), health and fitness training on a personal (individual) and professional (employee wellness) level with an understanding that the success of our program depends on the professional training, effort, and knowledge demonstrated during each fitness session for every individual.

Additionally, we encourage fitness participation through social motivation as an objective to enhance health awareness in all individuals.

Note: Additional software is unnecessary when utilizing our service, however, an internet connection is required. A mandatory test run will be scheduled prior to all initial sessions to ensure connectivity is established. In the event a connection issue arises either alternative methods will be reviewed and implemented.